Our experts can assist in virus removal and get your site running good as new once again so you don’t have to loose out on anymore business.

Steps we take to achieve spam, malware and virus removal

Consultation and full site audit

First we will have a chat to see what the problem appears to be and what isn't working as expected. We will then perform a full site audit and provide you with some recommendations and if any further work is required.

Full backup

We are very careful in what we do and always take a full back up before proceeding with any major work. In doing so, we can always restore the site back to its original state if necessary or if you're not entirely satisfied with the removal process.

Search and destroy

We will perform a scan of your websites files and folders using industry standard techniques in an attempt to locate anything that shouldn't be there. Anything we find, we destroy. Then we perform a final test, to ensure the issue is resolved.